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“Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have seen in us.”
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“Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.”                                  

                 Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Top 10 Suggestions for a

  Winning Profile


In past days, when new tutor profiles would come to us, we would read through each of them and then respond to every one individually with our encouragement and recommendations. Now, we still read through all profiles. But with the number of new tutor signups that we are receiving, it has become harder, if not impossible, to give thoughtful feedback to all our new partners.  Besides that, we found that we were saying the same things over and over since there seems to be reoccurring errors and oversights made by many new tutors.

The following is a compilation of our 10 most frequent suggestions. Please don’t be offended by our advice.  We simply want your profile to have maximum appeal and to stand out from the pack.

With that, please consider the following pointers:

  1. Post your Photo:  Several tutors submit their profiles minus a picture, but research shows that up to 50% of your potential clients will not even read your profile if they don’t know what you look like.  It makes sense.  Since you are a stranger to them, clients will usually ease into a tutoring relationship with a sense of caution.  Posting a friendly, welcoming and professional picture will go a long way in getting you a first tutoring session.   
  2. Post the Right Photo: Avoid anything questionable.  Remember, parents are looking for mentors and role models. Inappropriate clothing will probably not work in your favor.  Also, take some time to put up a quality pic. No need to book a professional photo shoot.  But a picture that does not present you at your best may give a perspective client a false impression of who you really are.
  3. No Grammatical Errors!  This can be a definite deal-breaker with many potential clients!  It is amazing how many profiles we see that have numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. Proofread your profile before sending it.  Consider having someone else proofread it it as well.   
  4. Less is Often More:  Beware of drawn out or “rambling” profiles or testimonies.  Most clients will only read a few sentences if you fail to get to the point—too many other profiles to choose from that are less arduous to get through. Many writing coaches advise is to say as much as you can with as few words as possible. We recommend 1-2 paragraphs each for both your profile and Christian testimony.

    Now this next part is very important!  Don’t “shoot yourself in the foot” by describing too much personal information about your past challenges or struggles.  We see this often occurring in the Christian Testimony section.  Some clients may think that “TMI” is inappropriate on an academic website and may have questions about your professionalism.   Here’s a friendly tip: Save the personal details about your life for when you build a trusting relationship with your client.
  5. Consider Your Audience: Not everyone viewing your profile is necessarily a Christian.   In fact, many tutors have had huge impacts on unbelievers and clients from other cultures and religions. You may be limiting your appeal if your profile seems overly “religious” or otherworldly, but deemphasizes your competence as a tutor and your commitment to academic excellence. Try to be balanced in your approach.   
  6. Highlight Your Strengths
    Make certain that you put your best foot forward with regard to your academic strengths.  Once again, we see a plethora of profiles that neglect mentioning the ski-high SAT score, or that the tutor is fluent Spanish, French and Mandarin. Are you a black belt or a former Marine? Did you receive and outstanding scholarship or graduate Summa cum Laude?  We recommend that you say it in your profile.
  7. Leave Nothing Blank
    If you got it, you may as well flaunt it.  That is your letters of recommendation, academic degrees, transcripts, awards, etc.  You worked hard for those accolades. Upload your documents and showcase your expertise and experience. 
  8. Remove all Personal Information!
     Make sure that you remove your last name, addresses, phone numbers and any other identifying personal information from your entire profile including from your transcripts and letters of recommendation.   Your profile is posted online and you want to prevent your info from falling into the wrong hands. 
  9. Don't Underpay Yourself:
    Do you understand how the CTA/Tutor percentage ratio works?  Even though we post it on our website and explain it in the Tutoring Covenant, still a significant number of tutors will set their rates without taking into consideration that a portion of their pay goes to CTA.  Please make certain that you fully understand “How it Works for Tutors.” We also give suggestions on setting your rates in the “Get Paid” section
  10. Define your Acronyms:  
    You may be an expert at TESOL to those with SLDs and trained to teach GATE students using the CCSS, but many who don’t understand that language will miss out on knowing that you can Teach English to Students of Other Languages with Specific Learning Disabilities, and that you are trained to instruct Gifted and Talented Education students in the Common Core State Standards. Education is chockfull of jargon and unique abbreviations.  Clients will only know your expertise if it makes sense to them.   

Hopefully this is useful.  Please remember, we are here to assist.  Don’t hesitate to call or write if you have further questions.  Know that you are in our prayers as we hope we are in yours.


God’s Best,
Arthur J. Watson
President, CTA