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Intelligence plus Character—That is the goal of education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

What to Look for In a Tutor

Finding the right tutor can be challenging.  Presumably, you have started your search here with CTA because you want a tutor who shares your principles and Christian beliefs.  On our part, we have done our best to attract virtuous and sincere individuals who agree with our Mission Statement and Philosophy of Christian Tutoring.  We do this by plainly stating our biblical standards and by advertising for tutors at churches, Christian universities, and on Christian radio. With that said, you still need to prayerfully choose the tutor that is right for you.  We suggest consideration of the following:   

Tutor Testimony: Tutors have the option of posting their Christian testimonies along with their profiles, but it’s not mandatory. In selecting your tutor, you must determine what spiritual qualifications you are looking for that best fit your standards.  Depending on the criteria that you set, a person’s testimony or lack of a testimony can be very telling.

Look for the Right Fit: Just because someone has the most experience or education does not necessarily mean that they are the best tutor for your child. This is especially true for students in the upper grades.  What’s most important is for a student to relate to the tutor and that a positive relationship is formed based on respect. The right fit is not always the scientist from NASA just because he has the best credentials or highest achievements.  In many instances students will connect best with a someone who is closer to the same age and was successful in overcoming the same problems that the student is struggling with.  You may consider hiring a tutor (or two) on a trial basis to assess results.         

College Transcripts: Tutors have the ability to upload their transcripts so you can verify course work and GPA.

Letters of Recommendation:  Letters of recommendation are very normative in the professional world. Your tutor should welcome your request for references and be able to provide them. Tutors have the ability to upload letters of recommendation to their CTA profile.

Check your Prospective Tutor’s Social Media.  Jesus said, “ For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34).  A person’s Facebook can reveal a lot about their true character.