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Whatever we do, we must not treat the Great Commission like it's the Great Suggestion.”

                         Chuck Swindoll



Our Process for Tutors


As a CTA partner, you are not an employee, but rather an independent contractor.  That means you’re in business for yourself.  You’re the boss.  You can choose the days you want to work, your hours, your location for tutoring, even the clients who you wish to work with.  In essence, you’re working for the client who chooses you to tutor their children. 


Also, you are welcome to post your profile on the CTA website for free.  Your profile is where you promote your abilities as a tutor and as a Christian example and role model. Potential clients will have the opportunity to view your qualifications and select you as a tutor for their children. You will also be able to reach out to clients who post their tutoring goals on the CTA website, and we will send you an alert when a potential client signs up who is looking for someone with your skill sets.  We simply ask that all written correspondence between tutors and clients takes place through our email system, and that you respect our payment policies as described on the Integrity Matters page.


There are a few more things we need to ask of you.  First, please read through our Philosophy of Christian Tutoring and Mission Statement pages to make certain that you are in line with our vision and goals as a ministry.  You will also need to pass a background check prior to accepting an assignment.  


Finally, CTA requires a stipend for clients that are obtained from the CTA website.  Actual percentages, which range from 20-35 percent, are based on the amount of hours that tutors partner with us. Tutors receive payment from CTA on a weekly basis. Please see the Get Paid page for full details about our payout procedures and on Tutor/CTA percentage ratios.


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