All Tutors are required to pass a background check prior to accepting a job from the CTA site through the respected national screening agency, Protect My Ministry.  Background checks are a good start, but they should not be regarded as the end-all to the vetting process of finding a tutor. For a more complete description of what our Background Checks entail, please go to the Background Check page.  

Tutors appearing on Christian Tutors of (CTA) are independent contractors and are not employees of CTA.  Christian Tutors of America does not endorse any tutor over another.  All hiring decisions are strictly at the discretion of the client. We recommend the following safety precautions prior to selecting a tutor.


  • Meet in a Public Place: It’s a good idea to make your initial contact with the tutor at a coffee shop, library, or some other public facility.  You may elect to conduct all of your tutoring sessions at a location outside the home that is conducive to studying. Many libraries have excellent study rooms that can be reserved free of charge.
  • An Adult Should be Present at all Times: If you are doing in-home tutoring, there should never be a time when an underage student is left alone with a tutor.  In addition, tutoring should be conducted in areas of the house that are highly accessible such as a dining room or at a kitchen table.  Avoid tutoring in areas of the house that cannot be easily monitored.
  • Tutors Should Not Drive Students: This is one of the first rules taught to new teachers by most school districts. 
  • Keep Things Professional: Tutors are mentors, role models, and figures of authority.  They are not buddies.  As a parent, monitor the emails, text messages and Facebook dialog that transpires between your child and the tutor. 
  • Check the Social Media of the Tutor.  Jesus said, “ For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34).  A person’s Facebook can reveal a lot about their true character.
  • Ask for References: Requiring references or letters of recommendation is very normative in the professional world.  As a professional, your tutor will welcome your request for references and be able to provide them.
  • Finally, Never hesitate to report inappropriate or questionable behavior to CTA!